Heaven Knows

just a girl and her likings.


The older I get the more this resonates with me

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I just want someone who will kiss me when I’m mad and lets me cry in front of them and buys me pizza and watches scary movies with me and holds my hand real tight even if it’s sweaty and thinks I’m beautiful no matter what I look like and lets me steal their sweaters so I can sleep with their smell on my skin and who laughs at the same things I do and just never lets me go, no matter how hard I try to push them away.

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i hate when i lose things at school like my pencils and papers and life ambitions

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i want to be the one you tell everything to at 4am when you can’t sleep

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Reblog if you’re shorter than 5’8.


like if you’re taller than 5’8”

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"your lips look so chapped"


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